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Cape Cod Child Custody Lawyer

Child custody and alimony are two of the most frequently contested issues in divorce cases. Both can have a major impact on your future. They affect your relationship with your children, your lifestyle and your finances.

By having an experienced attorney on your side, you can rest easy knowing your rights and interests will not fall by the wayside. John M. Connolly, a child custody attorney serving Cape Cod and the surrounding areas, provides tenacious representation. He has stood strong for the rights of clients for nearly 40 years. He enjoys a solid reputation in the area for his vigorous representation and steadfast commitment to clients' cases. You can count on him to work hard to help you achieve a positive result.

"I am very committed to my clients' objectives. I am aggressive in standing up for their rights, but also professional and honest. You can trust that I will not drop the ball in your case." — Attorney John M. Connolly

Child Custody

As a parent, you have important and fundamental rights. Your relationship with your children — and your ability to remain involved in their lives — should not suffer due to your divorce or separation from the other parent.

Mr. Connolly is well-versed in the law regarding child custody, visitation rights and paternity. He also understands the unique concerns same-sex couples face regarding child custody, parental rights and adoption. When you turn to him for legal counsel, he will help you prioritize your goals and then develop an effective game plan to achieve them.


Alimony, also known as spousal support or maintenance, is a recurring payment from one spouse to another. The court generally establishes alimony during or after the divorce proceeding. There are various types of alimony, and each has distinct characteristics.

Massachusetts law regarding alimony has recently changed. Thus it is important to consult with an attorney who remains abreast of the latest legal developments. Mr. Connolly provides thorough and up-to-date legal counsel.

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Please contact the law office of John M. Connolly at 508-289-1049 to arrange a free initial consultation. His office is located across the street from the courthouse in Falmouth. Free parking is available.

As a veteran himself, Mr. Connolly offers discounted rates for all U.S. military veterans.



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